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LINXS ADA Coordinator

LAX APM ADA Coordinator Files (LINXS)

About this Website


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“LAX APM ADAC Files” is the website for the Developer’s (LINXS) ADA Coordinator for Design & Construction of the Automated People Mover (APM) project at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), a multi-billion dollar “DBFOM” transportation project developed by LINXS for the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) as a Public-Private Partnership (P3). The design phase officially concluded in December 2019, though some design services will continue during construction (DSDC). The construction phase is scheduled for completion in 2023. More information about the LAX APM project can be found on the official project page and the Developer’s project page.

Mission Statements

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The mission of the Developer’s ADA Coordinator is to coordinate ADA compliance, support accessible and universal design efforts, and periodically assess and report on ADA compliance for all aspects of the “Design and Construction” (D&C) phase work.

The mission of the LAX APM ADA Coordinator Files website is to provide an accessible source of information and documentation created by, for, or on behalf of, or regularly referenced by, the Developer’s ADA Coordinator in the execution of contractual responsibilities during the D&C phase.

What’s Here?

All visitors have access to the Resources and Website Info sections of the website. The project-specific information contained in these sections is limited to general information that is publicly available through other websites as well. Registered users who have been granted access to project-specific information gain access to other sections of the website.

The primary means of accessing different sections is through the site menu, which is activated by clicking on or otherwise selecting the “hamburger menu icon” () positioned in the upper left of each page of the website. Based on your current level of access, you should see the following sections in the site menu (click or select the “details” arrow icons below to read more about what’s contained in each section):

 Resources: Useful Links

The Resources section is provided as a public resource for accessibility assistance and general reference, including accessible design links and selected assistive technology links. The primary means of access is through its site menu link, though there are a variety of links to specific content within the section. The Resources section includes subsections for Project Information and a Glossary. In addition, registered users with access to project-specific information may review relevant excerpts of various standards that are referenced throughout the project.

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The Website Info section contains pages that are primarily related to the “LAX APM ADAC Files” website itself rather than the project. The primary means of access is through the icon-text links at the bottom of each page as well as the bottom of the site menu, which provide directly access the content of this section. The contains this website’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Accessibility Statement, and Colophon, as well as a graphical representation of the overall Site Map. In addition, the Contact Form is considered part of this section.

Colophon (Summary)

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This website is coded in HTML5, CSS3, and various web-scripting languages including JavaScript and PHP. Backend services are provided through a content management system (CMS). More information and examples are available at the complete colophon.