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LAX APM ADA Coordinator Files (LINXS)

California Building Code Excerpt

Section 11B-207 Accessible Means of Egress

Code excerpt regarding scoping requirements for accessible means of egress, including platform lifts.

11B-207 Accessible means of egress

11B-207.1 General. Accessible means of egress shall comply with Chapter 10, Section 1009.


  1. Where means of egress are permitted by local building or life safety codes to share a common path of egress travel, accessible means of egress shall be permitted to share a common path of egress travel.
  2. Areas of refuge shall not be required in detention and correctional facilities.
  3. Accessible means of egress are not required to be provided in existing buildings.

11B-207.2 Platform lifts. Standby power shall be provided for platform lifts permitted by Chapter 10, Section 1009.5 to serve as a part of an accessible means of egress. To ensure continued operation in case of primary power loss, platform lifts shall be provided with standby power or with self-rechargeable battery power that provides sufficient power to operate all platform lift functions for a minimum of five upward and downward trips.