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LAX APM ADA Coordinator Files (LINXS)

California Building Code Excerpt

Section 11B-401 General [Accessible Routes]

Code excerpt regarding general requirements for accessible routes.

11B-401 General

11B-401.1 Scope. The provisions of Division 4 shall apply where required by Division 2 or where referenced by a requirement in this chapter.

Division 4 (Accessible Routes) contains many requirements for a variety of circulation elements and related features. However, these are not “universal” requirements; they only apply where they have been specifically scoped for a particular element in a particular context.
For example, the provisions of Section 11B-403 for walking surfaces only apply to walking surfaces that are scoped as part of an accessible route from Section 11B-402.2; other walking surfaces that are not part of an accessible route are not required to comply with Section 11B-403.