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California Building Code Excerpt

Section 11B-605 Urinals

Code excerpt regarding technical requirements for urinals: height and depth, clear floor space, and flush controls.

11B-605 Urinals

11B-605.1 General. Urinals shall comply with Section 11B-605.

Advisory 11B-605.1 General. Stall-type urinals provide greater accessibility for a broader range of persons, including people of short stature.

11B-605.2 Height and depth. Urinals shall be the stall-type or the wall-hung type with the rim 17 inches (432 mm) maximum above the finish floor or ground. Urinals shall be 13 1/2 inches (343 mm) deep minimum measured from the outer face of the urinal rim to the back of the fixture.

Figure 11B-605.2 Height and Depth of Urinals
Figure 11B-605.2 Height and Depth of Urinals

11B-605.3 Clear floor space. A clear floor or ground space complying with Section 11B-305 positioned for forward approach shall be provided.

As noted in Sections 11B-605.2 and 11B-605.3, and illustrated in Figure 11B-605.2, there is no requirement for toe or knee clearance under urinals. While some interpretations allow toe space to extend up to 6″ under a wall-hung type urinal, there is no requirement for such. Therefore, it is improper to indicate the clear floor space from the rear wall of the urinal, and it is not required to show the clear floor space under any part of the urinal.

11B-605.4 Flush controls. Flush controls shall be hand operated or automatic. Hand operated flush controls shall comply with Section 11B-309 except that the flush control shall be mounted at a maximum height of 44 inches (1118 mm) above the finish floor.

Flush valve devices (flushometers) that include both automatic functions and manual (hand-operated) controls must be installed so that the hand-operated controls are located not higher than 44″ AFF so that the flush control remains operable for persons with disabilities in the event the automatic control loses power.