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LINXS ADA Coordinator

California Building Code Excerpt

Section 11B-803 Dressing, Fitting, and Locker Rooms

Code excerpt regarding technical requirements for dressing, fitting, and locker rooms: general, turning space, door swing, benches, coat hooks and shelves, and mirrors.

11B-803 Dressing, fitting, and locker rooms

11B-803.1 General. Dressing, fitting, and locker rooms shall comply with Section 11B-803.

Advisory 11B-803.1 General. Partitions and doors should be designed to ensure people using accessible dressing and fitting rooms privacy equivalent to that afforded other users of the facility. Section 11B-903.5 requires dressing room bench seats to be installed so that they are at the same height as a typical wheelchair seat, 17 inches (430 mm) to 19 inches (485 mm). However, wheelchair seats can be lower than dressing room benches for people of short stature or children using wheelchairs.

11B-803.2 Turning space. Turning space complying with Section 11B-304 shall be provided within the room.

11B-803.3 Door swing. Doors shall not swing into the room unless a turning space complying with Section 11B-304.3 is provided beyond the arc of the door swing.

11B-803.4 Benches. A bench complying with Section 11B-903 shall be provided within the room.

11B-803.5 Coat hooks and shelves. Coat hooks provided within the room shall be located within one of the reach ranges specified in Section 11B-308. Shelves shall be 40 inches (1016 mm) minimum and 48 inches (1219 mm) maximum above the finish floor or ground. Coat hooks shall not be located above the bench or other seating in the room.

11B-803.6 Mirrors. Mirrors shall be installed with the bottom edge of the reflecting surface 20 inches (508 mm) maximum above the finish floor or ground. Mirrors shall be full length with a reflective surface 18 inches (457 mm) wide minimum by 54 inches (1372 mm) high minimum and shall be mounted in a position affording a view to a person on the bench as well as to a person in a standing position.